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"Our role is to help our customers create their beautiful kitchen environment, that they can enjoy every single day"


Garland Electronics Ltd


Garland Electronic has been a leading retail distributor of freestanding domestic appliances, audio, visual equipment and built-in appliances. We are based in Finchley and have an excellent reputation built over 30 years of dealing with all our clients.  We take great pride in working with our local neighbouhood and surrounding areas.


Whilst others Retailers compete on price only we at Garland Electronics take a different approach. We try to understand our customers needs so we can offer expert advice which we believe cannot be beaten on friendliness or value for money.



The Showroom & Warehouse


Our showroom and warehouse is located in North Finchley, London!   Please stop by to see our wide selection of domestic appliances and small appliances for yourself, or feel free to enquire by phone or e-mail with any questions and speak to our friendly staff who are eager to help you.


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To figure out exactly which kitchen appliances you should purchase, think about the type of cooking you do and how often you do it. Do a lot of baking but not so much hob cooking? Put your money toward a quality oven, steam oven etc...  If heat-and-eat is your style, a new microwave should be at the top of your list. Ever have to wash a massive pile of dishes by hand? Then you know how necessary a dishwasher is, the list of needs is endless.


When it comes to choosing between the high-end kitchen appliances versus the middle-of-the-road models, evaluate what you can realistically afford and how often you’ll use them. There are plenty of great designs that won’t break your budget, but if you can justify the cost, go for the good stuff! 

Come along and see our major appliances to find the products that will complement your lifestyle.

What we believe...

Kitchens are the heart of the home, and everyone uses them differently. Explore our collection of domestic appliances and let our team help you with ideas & designs...

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