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Energy efficiency Class A

Dimensions 595 x 594 x 548 mm

Minimum height for installation 585 mm

Maximum height for installation 595 mm

Minimum width for installation 560 mm

Maximum width for installation 568 mm

Depth for installation 550 mm

Net weight 33.5 kg

Range of temperature (°C) 50-275 °C

sable volume (of cavity) - NEW (2010/30/EC) 71 l

Where can the appliance be installed Base cabinet, high cupboard installation

Integrated Cleaning system Catalytic partial, Hydrolytic

No. heating modes 8

Cooking method Bottom heat, conventional top and bottom heat, Full width grill, Hot Air, Hotair gentle, Hotair grilling, pizza function


Added Steam

By adding the right dose of steam precisely when it’s needed, the added steam function gives your food mouth-watering texture, inside and out. It’s ideal for baking bread, giving your loaves a deliciously crispy crust while keeping the inside fluffy. You can also use it for superb results when roasting and re-heating. Simply fill up the water container and your oven does the rest.


  • Red LED display control: easy-to-use thanks to the time functions.
  • Pop-out controls: Make the front of the oven easy to clean and give it a sleek look.
  • EcoClean Direct: less cleaning effort thanks to a special coating of the rear wall that automatically absorbs grime.
  • Cleaning Assistance:   less cleaning effort thanks to the new cleaning option, which can be especially used for cleaning of light soiling.
  • 2 universal pans, slim size: optimized for smaller amounts of different dishes.


2 years labour and Parts Warranty

Bosch Series 4 Built in Oven HRS534BS0B


Volume Discount

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