Bosch has been established for over a century as an innovator, constantly pushing the boundaries to make domestic life not just easier but more enjoyable. Their Serie 8 range of washing machines boasts a plethora of handy - and often unique - features sure to keep your schedule running smoothly. The WAYH8790GB in particular offers a mammoth 9kg drum and a powerful 1400rpm spin speed, making it more than adequate for ploughing through family laundry, while an excellent A+++ energy rating helps to keep efficiency high and your bills low.



Washful Thinking


Besides the WAYH8790GB's sheer capacity, it's been endowed with many functions entirely designed around making your day just that bit easier. A user-friendly dial and modern touch control buttons make for superbly simple operation while small (but infinitely helpful) features like a child lock allow you to multitask without a worry. A self-cleaning detergent drawer saves you one more job and the impressive DrumClean even has a reminder to effortless maintain a hygienic washing environment.



Working alongside this array of small, helpful features are a couple of big ones. The exceptional EcoSilence drive provides quieter, faster and more powerful spin action, incorporating magnets instead of brushes to achieve a noise level of just 47dB as well as remarkable durability. An AntiVibration design further maximises stability, making it a perfect option for the smaller living space, while the incredible Home Connect brings together your smart appliances for uninterrupted living in the palm of your hand.



Best of Bosch


Of course, a washing machine is nothing without functionality and, once again, Bosch delivers. As well as a wide selection of settings - ranging from Mixed Load and Delicates to Curtains 30° and Allergy+ - the WAYH8790GB boasts an infinitely useful AutoStain function. Proven to remove 16 of the most common stains (including red wine, grass stains, grease, coffee and lipstick) it helps to save your time and favourite jeans without lifting a finger. PowerWash 60° provides tough love when needed, delivering beautifully fresh bedding every time, while the Quick 15°/30° setting is perfect for spontaneous plans (or forgotten uniform).



VarioPerfect is, however, the crown jewel in this machine's programmes. It gives you the option to choose speed or efficiency; offering either a 65% reduction in time or 50% reduction in energy, you can tailor your wash to suit your specific situation for perfect results every time.



Benefits of the Bosch Serie 8 WAYH8790GB Washing Machine


  • A 9kg drum is more than adequate for ploughing through family laundry
  • An excellent A+++ energy rating helps to keep efficiency high and your bills low
  • The EcoSilence drive provides quieter, faster and more powerful spin action
  • Bring together your smart appliances in the palm of your hand with Home Connect
  • Choose speed or efficiency to suit your laundry situation with VarioPerfect
Colour White
Capacity (kg) 9
Spin Speed (rpm) 1400
Removable Top no
TFT display Yes
WaveDrum For gentle and efficient washing
DrumClean programme Yes
Reload facility Yes
Multi-tone Acoustic Warning Signal Yes
Child lock Yes
Flow-through sensor for optimum water use Yes
Multiple Water Protection Yes
Continuous load adjustment Yes
Foam detection system Yes
Self cleaning detergent drawer Yes
Home Connect Yes
AutoStain Yes
EcoBar Yes
VarioPerfect Yes
ActiveWater Yes
EcoSilence Drive Yes
Antivibration Design Yes

BOSCH WAYH8790GB Automatic washing machine