Product Specification

Hob Type Electric Induction
Energy Efficiency Not applicable
Fuel Type Electric
Number of Burners 4
Colour Black
Height (mm) 0
Depth (mm) 514
Width (mm) 614
Weight (kg) 10.5
Guarantee 2 Years



Miele delivers ultra modern cooking technology with their stylish induction hob. It comes with four heat zones, and you can combine zones for larger pots and pans.

How big is this hob?

It’s a standard size hob so should fit in most kitchens. The dimensions are:

Depth: 514 mm

Height: 48 mm

Width: 614 mm

It weighs only 10kg so should be really easy to fit. 

What about the controls?

This hob comes with touch controls that are at the front for safety. You can simply slide your finger along the power control to increase or decrease the heat for each zone.

It has a very clever recall function where you can program the hob settings to your own personal preferences – and recall them whenever you need.

The controls also include a timer for each zone, so you can set each pan to exactly the time you want.

The control panel comes with a safety lock so it can’t be turned on by accident, or by curious children. It also has an automatic safety shut off function so the hob will turn itself off if left unattended for an extended period.

You can control all the zones at once – which is great if they’re all boiling at the same time. One button puts all zones to level 1 instantly.

And the heating zones?

Each of the four cooking zones has variable power settings and a Power Boost function. By selecting this option, the power increases by approximately 50% which reduces your cooking time. 

It also has automatic pan recognition and adjusts the heat zone to the size of your pan. And for safety is has protection against auto-start up and auto-stop when there’s no pan on the heat zone.

Miele’s PowerFlex cooking technology allows you to cook and control across multiple zones on the hob surface. Perfect for using griddles or multiple pans when a larger surface area is needed.

You can also just keep things warm on the hob with the Keep Warm function. This controls the temperature in the pan base, stopping it from burning, but keeping it at serving temperature. 

How can I tell which zone is still hot?

This hob comes with residual heat indicators – a great safety feature so you’ll always know which heat zone is still hot. The indicators glow red, letting you know if the hob is unsafe to touch. 

What is an induction hob?

Induction hobs uses electromagnetic fields to generate instant heat between the hob and pan. They focus the warmth just on the bottom of the pan, which means they don’t lose any heat – so you don’t waste any energy. They’re as responsive as gas hobs, but much easier to clean.

Please note only pans with ferrous (magnetic base) can be used with this hob. These also include pans with iron, enamelled steel and special stainless steel pans depending on the alloy. Pans with copper or glass bases are not suitable for induction hobs.

Miele KM6322 Induction Hob in Black with Stainless Steel Trim