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How to choose the best hob for your kitchen

Delicious dinner parties, romantic dining for two, an evening meal for the family…

One thing these social events all have in common is the business end of the kitchen – the need for an oven and hob.

While you can do without an oven for regular cooking, if your hob fails, your culinary creations become quite difficult to make.

Hobs for every need

While all hobs have the same function – to heat things up – there are a number of different types available: ceramic, induction, electric, gas, and modular. Choosing the right one for your needs can make a dramatic impact on your overall lifestyle – enabling you to perhaps save time cleaning, cook more efficiently, or cook specialist foods better.

Ceramic hobs

Ceramic hobs are electric with a smooth, easy-to-clean surface. They look sleek and stylish and are quick to heat up and retain heat, meaning your cooked vegetables stay hot after the hob is turned down. Unfortunately though, ceramic hobs aren’t as easily controlled as a gas or induction hob, and the smooth, sleek design means that pans and woks need a flat base.

Best for: Style-led buyers who want a good-looking product at a reasonable price and don’t want to spend time cleaning the appliance after use.

Induction hobs

With an induction hob, the metal pan completes a circuit giving fast heat and prompt switch off and cooling once the pan is removed. This means they a