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Energy Efficiency Class F

Dimensions 1787 x 908 x 707 mm

Airborne acoustical noise emissions 42 dB(A) re 1 pW


Sum of volume of chill compartments 372 l

Sum of volume of frozen compartments 208 l

Net weight 99.2 kg

Star Rating 4

Basic touch control Yes


Never defrost again with Full NoFrost: Forget the hassle of defrosting. NoFrost maintains a steady flow of dry air throughout your fridge-freezer to prevent ice from building up. It’s the end of the ice age, and the hassle of defrosting is gone for good.


Type of control setting and signalling devices: Super setting for freezer, Super setting fridge, Temperature display fridge, Temperature for freezer, Warning signal door open


SuperCooling: Activate the SuperCooling function before you go shopping lowers the temperature for a short period, so your fresh shopping is kept at the right temperature. The temperature is lowered by pushing a button (2°C at the lowest). To prevent unnecessary power consumption, the function automatically switches back after approximately 6 hours.


  • XXL capacity: extra space for your food when you need it.
  • IceTwister: easy to remove and fill - for lots of ice cubes.
  • LED lights bring a completely new lighting concept to fridges
  • VarioZone: more flexibility due to variable-use glass shelves and drawers in the freezer compartment.
  • HolidayMode: protecting frozen foods and preventing energy wastage in the fridge.


2 Years Labour and Parts Warranty

Bosch American Style Fridge Freezer KAN93VIFPG


Volume Discount

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